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mortuary extraction systems

extraction arms
The extractor arm is used for capturing welding smoke, fumes and dust in workshops. The extractor's design ensures optimum fume and dust capturing capacity and manoeuvrability.
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extraction canopies
Extraction canopies come in various forms and formats: For odour removal – 10 mm Polypropylene; For the removal of Hot air from Furnaces etc. – Grade 304 or grade 316; 1, 2 mm thick stainless steel.
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extraction ducting
Extraction ducting is manufactured using Class 4 or 6 UPVC product ranging in diameter from 100mm to 1000mm. Welded joints or fully moulded joints can be used in installations.
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extraction room
Extraction rooms are normally constructed to remove poisons that either develop inside or are released inside e.g. a Poison test chamber as seen above that tests the efficacy.
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extraction fans
Extraction fans come in various types which are used in our installations, either single or 3 phase. Normally centrifugal and manufactured from polypropylene.
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