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samsung staron sinks
Samsung Staron sinks and bowls are installed as part of a continuous surface with imperceptible seams for a perfect, natural fit. That also means there are no rims or crevices for bacteria to grow in, so whichever style you choose, our non-porous, hygienic surfaces will be easy to clean and maintain.
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dupont corian sinks
DuPont Corian solid surface is a type of material used for sinks which is nonporous, solid all the way through, virtually seamless, resistant to stains from common lab agents, including blood, plasma, Wright’s stain and X-ray development and resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria with proper cleaning.
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vulcathene sinks
Vulcathene sinks are chemically resistant and are extremely robust and molded with self-draining bases; special size sinks to client specification can also be supplied.
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