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forensic fume cabinets

polypropylene interiors
Interior resistant to many chemicals, bases and acids and resistant to temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius.
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stainless steel interiors
Interior which does not easily corrode or rust and is resistant to acids and bases to a certain degree.
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acid digestion fume cabinet
Fume cabinet used to house and handle an acid digestion apparatus and usually has a polypropolene interior.
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perchloric acid fume cabinet
Fume cabinet used to handle perchloric acid.
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walk in fume cabinets
Large fume cabinet used to extract fumes, aerosols and dust from the internal workspace to prevent pollutants contaminating the laboratory. Used for large experimental apparatus.
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dust extraction cabinets
Fume cabinet used to extract dust.
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distillation fume cabinets
Fume cabinet which houses distillation equipment.
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radioisotope fume cabinets
Fume cabinet designed to protect the user from radioactive materials.
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portable fume cabinets
Fume cabinet best suited to areas where an extraction system is impossible to install and can be mounted on a wheeled frames and unit can have glass exteriors for easy viewing for students.
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