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crime scene cyanoacrylate fuming equipment
The Solar Biotech Portable Cyanoacrylate Fuming Equipment is designed specifically for the forensic investigation industry to ensure quality fingerprint evidence development. The equipment was designed with the following criteria in mind: Space Constraints, Development of a quality pr...
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bio forensic evidence dryers
The Solar Biotech Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinets are used by forensic laboratories to preserve forensic evidence integrity. The dryer is used to store and protect evidence from cross contamination and to provide a barrier for the user against blood-borne pathogens and odors. The en...
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drug keeper
Drug Keepers are cabinet is designed for safe storage of confiscated hazardous chemicals.
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Downflow Workstations, Downdraft Benches, Etching Tables are workstations with built-in ventilation to capture and filter dust, smoke, and fumes and then return the filtered air to a shop floor which can eliminate costly exhaust and energy loss.
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fingerprint evidence chambers
Fingerprint Evidence Chambers includes chambers such as Cyanoacrylate Fuming Chambers, DFO Ninhydrin Chambers, Poly Cyanoacrylate UV Chambers.
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forensic fume cabinets
Fume Cabinets, Polypropylene Interiors, Stainless Steel Interiors, Acid Digestion Fume Cabinet, Perchloric Acid Fume Cabinet, Walk-In Fume Cabinets, Dust Extraction Cabinets, Distillation Fume Cabinets, Radioisotope Fume Cabinets, Portable Fume Cabinets.
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forensics extraction systems
Extraction Arms, Extraction Canopies, Extraction Rooms, Extraction Ducting, Extraction Fans, Extraction Systems, Extraction System Design.
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