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Solar Biotech wins prestigious contract

9 October, 2015

Solar Biotech
Solar Biotech wins prestigious contract

Solar Biotech was awarded the contract to refurbish Sasol Secunda’s Coke, Process and Inorganics Laboratories. During the course of the project we had to ensure that all work could continue as normal while installation took place. The products installed were of only the highest quality and best design to meet the stringent specifications set by the highly knowledgeable end-users.

Products installed needed to function in a laboratory that uses high heat, concentrated acids, dusts, expensive analytic equipment as well as high traffic.

All safety signs, safety showers and eyewash stations were detailed and installed together with the furniture and fume cabinets- all of the highest specifications. Throughout the Coke factory Grade 316 stainless steel was used, while Corian™ was used in all other areas.