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About Solar Biotech (Pty) Ltd

12 May, 2015

Jeannine Froneman
About Solar Biotech (Pty) Ltd

Company History

Solar Biotech (Pty) Ltd was started in 2007 by Mark Froneman.  The company’s first product range was designed specifically to fill a niche in the market place, namely, a world class Forensics Laboratory range that would be supplied to the South African Police Service (SAPS) in their planned roll out of 78 Local Criminal Record Centre (LCRC) laboratories countrywide.

The next range that followed was the laboratory range that consisted of laboratory design and turnkey projects, laboratory extraction systems, furniture, bespoke unit design and service and maintenance.

The product types that are now in the fold cover , MORTUARY , FORENSICS, LABORATORY and DENTISTRY . Furthermore, as a laboratory installation company, we can deliver on quality and excellence and have installed numerous accredited laboratories.


Company Vision

Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability and maintaining our sense of humor. We also view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, our community and our environment.

Furthermore, we also aim to provide superior quality turn-key solutions through custom design, manufacturing, installation and support services of specialised forensic-, mortuary-, laboratory equipment and bespoke furniture to our customers.


Project Management

We employ 40+ staff members, including a dedicated management team who will manage the
project throughout. A project manager and 3 site foremen will be managing the project on site.

Furthermore, in addition to managing and installation of our core products, our site foremen and project manager will also oversee
and manage our subcontractors, employed on the site.