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3 year Supply Tender Awarded for Fume Cabinets

5 June, 2015

Solar Biotech
3 year Supply Tender Awarded for Fume Cabinets

PURCO SA Have Awarded a 3year Supply Tender Awarded to Solar Biotech


THE PURCHASING CONSORTIUM OF SOUTH AFRICA has recently gone out on a 3 year tender for the supplying of Fume cabinets to every University from Venda to Cape Town including Namibia and some state run companies e.g. SABS, CSIR, MINTEK, K-RITH etc. (

Solar Biotech, who have been awarded this tender to supply Normal Extraction Fume Cabinets, Perchloric Acid Fume Cabinets as well as Portable Fume Cabinets.

The benefits of buying through PURCOSA are listed on their website (

Members are able to browse the online Buying Forms (MY MARKET)  by registering, logging in and viewing all the benefits.

You mak be questioning what the financial savings could be. Our answer - We have provided PURCOSA with a bulk discount of items from 15% - 20%

The product was chosen due to its exceptional quality, excellent references as well as the capabilities provided by SOLAR BIOTECH to deliver on large contracts e.g. R25 Million and over.

We have a staff count exceeding 40 employees and our Product compete at the same, if not higher, levels with the best competitors in the world.