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9 September, 2015

Solar Biotech


Solar Biotech – #CopierSecrets


Carte Blanche has recently discussed the topic of “One of the most serious cyber security threats an organisation faces”, this being the photocopier in your organisation.

Carte Blanche reveal the secrets the office photocopier machine holds that makes it a perfect cyber-crime target via a video posted on their website.

Solar Biotech, A proudly South African Forensics Equipment Manufacturer, has a wide range of Forensic products that can be used to combat data theft from copier machines. As can be seen in the video posted by Carte Blanche, Forensic Data Analysts have made use of equipment proudly manufactured by Solar Biotech in an effort to extract valuable information that will combat data theft. Click here to view the Carte Blanche video

Carte Blanche have posted ways to combat data-theft before your companies valuable information falls into the wrong hands. Click here to view tips to safeguard yourself and your organisation against data theft.

There have been conversations regarding data theft and protection of valuable company information. Join the conversation #copiersecrets on twitter.