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About Solar Biotech (Pty) Ltd

Solar Biotech (Pty) Ltd is a specialist manufacturer and installer of forensic, laboratory, mortuary and dentistry solutions. We provide high quality solutions through innovative designs from our in-house design team.

We focus on the design, manufacture, installation and support services of specialised forensic, laboratory, mortuary and dentistry equipment. We also provide bespoke furniture solutions to our clients who are looking for superior quality and longevity in these fields.

Started in 2007 by Mark Froneman, Solar Biotech’s initial product range was designed to fill a niche in the forensic laboratory market. We created a world-class forensics laboratory range that is supplied to the South African Police Service (SAPS) and is used in 71 Local Criminal Record Centre (LCRC) laboratories nationwide.

Our standard product range has since grown to include innovative solutions for forensic, laboratory, mortuary and dentistry providers.

We deliver quality and pride ourselves with service excellence and have installed and maintained numerous accredited laboratories across South Africa and beyond the South African border.

Our aim is to provide superior quality, turn-key solutions through our trained and specialised team.

Project Management

Solar Biotech (Pty) Ltd employs over 30 staff members including a dedicated management team that oversees and manages the entire scope of the project from the concept stage through to final handover and validation. Where required Solar Biotech engages specialist sub-contractors who are managed and supervised by our team, ensuring the client receives a one stop service but with the guaranteed world class service and quality which we are known for.